Macro Scheduler

Macro Scheduler Standard 14.1.02

Use macros to automate tedious tasks on your PC


  • Supports the simplest and most complex macros
  • Includes a lot of ready-made macros
  • Very well documented


  • Creating new macros can be confusing at first

Very good

Are you constantly repeating the same actions on your computer? Using the same application, writing the same text strings or code snippets, pressing the same keys… Macro Scheduler can now take care of all that.

Macro Scheduler is a complete macro utility that lets you record repetitive actions and then have the computer repeat them for yourself. These actions can go from the simplest ones like repetitive clicks to more complex ones such as data entry and response to several different user dialog windows.

Macro Scheduler not only includes a handful of ready-made macros, but also features a built-in editor that you can use to create your own. Though the developer's page states it's really easy and doesn't require programming experience, the truth is that you may feel a bit confused at first. Luckily, Macro Scheduler is thoroughly documented so it won't take you long to get to grips with the program.

Macro Scheduler is a complete macro manager and generator that can make repetitive tasks much easier for you.

Macro Scheduler


Macro Scheduler Standard 14.1.02

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